Berea College

A college like no other

Berea College isn’t like other colleges. It was the first integrated, co-educational college in the South, and it has not charged students tuition since 1892.

No Tuition. No Kidding.
The amount every enrolled student pays in tuition
Student debt disproportionally impacts economically disadvantaged families. That is why Berea College has been paying for students’ tuition for nearly 130 years.
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You Belong Here

We’re looking for students with grit, determination and a hunger for learning; students ready to take on a rigorous, top-ranked liberal arts education and turn it into a rewarding career; students willing to work, to grow and to expand their horizons in a diverse educational setting. We want students who want to join a community of support that is invested in their success.

Is that you? Learn more about what Berea College has to offer.

Ranked Among the Best

[Berea College is] the best in the nation at enrolling low-income students, and among the best at getting them to the podium on Commencement Day – at exceptionally low cost.

Washington Monthly editors
2023 College Guide and Rankings

No. 2
Washington Monthly magazine has ranked Berea College the No. 2 liberal arts college in the nation in its 2023 College Guide and Rankings

5-star rating
Berea College received Kentucky’s only 5-Star rating by Money Magazine

No. 20
Berea College is ranked No. 20 overall in the U.S., according to the new Wall Street Journal/College Pulse college rankings.

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Student Voices

Current students answer your questions

The Heart of Berea

Berea College was founded in 1855 by an ardent abolitionist. We encourage values such as inclusion, equity and impartial love. It shows in everything we do.

The Great Commitments

Our Eight Great Commitments make up the moral framework that informs every action we take toward serving our students, our community and the world beyond. They encourage us to advance the power of love over hate, human dignity and equality, and peace with justice, among other principles.

Distinctly Berean

Berea is a special place. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Berea is a place where art, craft, music and the imagination thrive. At Berea, we nurture the whole student.

You'll love it here

Conveniently located 45 minutes south of Lexington, Kentucky, you will find a wealth of things to do, from grabbing lunch made with organically grown foods from our College Farm to shopping to hiking to exploring our student-made crafts.

The “Trace” is the thread that weaves together our history and our future, the forest and farm, shops and galleries. We can’t wait to share all of these amazing places with you.

Visit the Berea College Trace website to learn more.

Find Your Place

At Berea, academics is only part of the journey. We encourage our students to explore opportunities that will make their four years unforgettable—from studying abroad, to paid internships and work program positions that explore their range of interests. We even give every student a brand-new laptop to facilitate their learning. 

No other college in the nation offers scholarships and financial aid packages as generous as the ones Berea grants. We want to make all opportunities to learn, work or volunteer as accessible as possible.

A Berea liberal arts education fosters exploration. Your coursework is taken from different disciplines while pursing a major that follows your own education and professional interests.

Once I got into Berea, I was like ‘Great! I’m signing up for art classes. I’m signing up for humanities classes. I’m gonna study another language. I’m going to study abroad.’ Without Berea, I wouldn’t have done all of the things that allowed me to have a career in the creative space.

Alix E. Harrow
Hugo Award-winning Author

I grew up in rural Tennessee. I did not even own a computer before I came to Berea.

Cody Myers
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat

I wanted to learn how to code and be a better photographer. I wanted to learn how to make videos so that I could make skits. I got to explore. And because of that, I was able to create a career path that objectively did not exist when I started college.

Akilah Hughes
Host of Award-winning podcast, "What a Day"

Our students explore their interests through experiential learning opportunities. Because of that, graduates leave Berea positioned to succeed.